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Tilt Meter

Case Study: Tilt Meter

Tilt meters are needed to monitor volcanic activity, (they measure very small changes in the subsurface profile of a mountain), and they are also used in the base of dams and anywhere there is a need to measure subsurface movement. These meters have been compared to a high Tilt  Meter Chartstech carpenter’s level as they can measure nano radians of tilt. We enabled the tilt meter to store ground motion data and transfer it to a PC for algorithm manipulation and subsequent interpretation. Customer was extremely happy with this device as it has proved to be a very successful and accurate instrument.


Our senior engineers have been designing scientific instrumentation for many years. It’s an area in which we excel and where we find our customer’s instrumentation ideas fascinating to create.

For measurement or sensing solutions needed in scientific applications, Pentad Design can provide the full design from concept to completion or any design phase in between. Recently, we provided the engineering development for instrumentation used in automotive and airline crash safety testing.

Here are just a few of the instruments we have developed for our clients in the past:

• Tilt meters

• Spectrophotometers

• Data recorders

• Potentiostats

• Ion selective & pH meters

• Blood analyzers

We can also help you to take your existing instrumentation and re-engineer it into a much smaller and cost effective package by utilizing today’s latest technologies.







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