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Commercial Design

Case Study: Water Saver

Our customer came to us with a request for a product that would eliminate water loss from leaky and/or stuck toilet flapper valves. They needed the device to be battery operated with an auto shut-off feature. They were offering the unit to the apartment, office and other multiple dwelling buildings as a means to reduce their water bills.

The auto shut-off valve attaches to the existing fill valve at the water connection to the tank. Sensors monitor all the functions of the toilet and will alert you as well as shut off the water to a toilet when a problem is detected. The device eliminates overflows and higher water bills due to leaks and stuck open flappers. Unit is made of ceramic, high impact and chemical resistant materials and utilizes MSP430 technology with a replaceable battery.


Pentad Design has been designing commercial products and devices for over 30 years. Designs that cover everything from drink dispensing products to aviation appliances.

Whether you require product development from initial concept to production or the addition of Pentad engineering to expedite your design time and meet your cost requirements, we can help you meet your goals.

Our development team stays up-to-date on the latest hardware, software and embedded technologies as well as compliance, safety, quality and regulatory requirements in order to ensure the most time efficient and cost effective development strategy for your product.

We have designed many kinds of commercial products and devices inclusive but not limited to the following:

• Commercial LED lighting fixtures

• TENS Devices

• Muscle Stimulators

• Beverage Dispensing Products

• Wireless products

• Aviation Products

• Kitchen appliances

• Medical Devices


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