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Case Study: Data Recorder Module

Working closely with our customer’s engineering team, Pentad Design co-developed a creative embedded hardware and software solution for a new and novel method to DTS Slice Microrecord vibration and crash test data in extreme environments. These miniature stackable modules can be added together for different channel count and sensor input needs.

Electronic Design Services & Capabilities

Pentad Design offers a wide variety of electronic development and design services. Our engineering team has many years of experience in embedded digital, analog, and wireless design. We can bring your product idea or circuit challenge to realization quickly and effectively.

We specialize in custom design solutions. We are available to help you with a complete design from product inception to finished prototype and design transfer to production - including manufacturing and test support. We can engineer 100% of your product or design a portion of it. We can work as an extension of your design team or provide you with a complete turnkey solution.

Our design team develops a variety of products for the medical, commercial, industrial, aerospace, communications and consumer electronics fields. We are highly experienced in very compact products and aggressively low power managed products. We can re-engineer your legacy product to be smaller, lighter and more compact. We also work in the larger (kW) system arena incorporating either digital or analog power solutions. See our complete list of our services below.

Electronic Engineering Design Services

• System Architecture

• Electrical Requirements Development

• Electronic Circuit Design

• Schematic Development

• Electrical Design Testing & Verification

• Electrical Circuit Simulation

PCB Engineering & Layout

• Independent Review

• Legacy Product Support

• Customer System/Subsystem/

   Circuit Debug

Electronic Engineering Specialties

• Class I, II, III Medical Devices

• Safety Critical Devices

• Analog Circuit Design

• Field Oriented Motor Control (FOC)


• Wireless arrow down
Pentad Design has a proven track record for integrating wireless into our customer’s designs. We understand the challenges with bringing a wireless product to the marketplace in different geographical regions and we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to overcome that challenge. Requirements from the FCC, NOM, IC, CE, etc, as well as frequency band considerations are areas we consider in detail before incorporating RF/RFID into your wireless device. Here are some of the wireless technologies that we can incorporate into your next design:
• Custom Wireless
• WiFi
• Zigbee
• Bluetooth Classic
• Bluetooth Smart/ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
• ANT+
• SimpliciTI

• Microcontroller Design

• Low Power – Battery Products arrow down
Pentad Design excels at power management. We have many successful designs incorporating innovative solutions to power management challenges. End users increasingly prefer portable and hand held products, and they demand longer battery runtime, without a size or weight penalty. We create these optimized solutions for you through the combined creative talents of our engineering team and produce a solution that will minimize your product’s energy consumption.

• Control Systems Stabilization

• Miniaturization or Circuit Reduction or

   architecture optimization

• Power Supply Electronics

• Custom Power Magnetics

If you don’t see your service need listed, please contact us at or call our project management team at (714) 259-0125.